Top 6 Best Cosmetics Brands in Pakistan

Beauty is something that matters to everyone. Beauty without makeup is rare but beauty with a little touch of makeup can be sensed around. If you want to adopt the latest fashion for women then all you need for it is a quality makeup.

The things that I consider while purchasing makeup are as follow:

  • High Quality
  • Easy Available
  • Low Budget

When I searched on Google about most popular brands, it’s become difficult for me to find on my next door shop. Here I am going to give you a review on most popular and easily available with high quality products.

Luscious Makeup Products

Luscious  Tasty beauty care products was set up in 2007 and from that point forward they have turned out to be most renowned brand in Pakistan and getting well known step by step even around the world. The best thing about this brand is it has wide scope of items for face, eyes, nails and lips with variety of shades to look over.

Blushers, Eye shadows and lipsticks are common available in market. Luscious beautifiers dependably think of new items; thoughts and consistently present exciting products for their clients, which make them more fascinating and interesting.

 The nature of their cosmetics is exceptionally elevated with extremely alluring covering making them ideal to famous brands of some other nation. You can purchase these cosmetics for women from their official site.

Masarrat Misbah Makeup

Masarrat Misbah has presented her cosmetics line. She is one of the initiate of hair and magnificence industry of Pakistan and CEO and Founder of  Depilex Beauty Clinic & organization and Depilex Smile again institution.

MM cosmetics are primary confirmed halal cosmetics in Pakistan which create it emerge along with different brands. MM cosmetics incorporate lips, eyes, skin, and cheeks items with extent of shades best adjusted for the Asian skin tone, atmosphere and appearance.

Within little time this brand has gain a famous name on account of its astounding cosmetics and excellent bundling which is developing step by step. Their cosmetics are accessible on their official site.

Atiqa Odho Makeup Products

The renowned, on-screen character Atiqa Odho, had propelled her corrective items in 2003 which makes it first superstar possessed cosmetics line. Odho beautifying products incorporate for the most part blushers, lipsticks, eye shadows and blushers which comes exclusively and in palettes with a variety of shades to browse. Their cosmetics comes in lovely bundling. Best of all, this cosmetics line is very spending neighborly and is accessible in city the nation over. You can get them online from

Sweet Touch

In 2001, Mehran Enterprises presented Sweet Touch, a makeup brand. It has been extremely mainstream predominantly for their nail shines which have broad scope of shades and distinctive completions. Aside from them they additionally offers lipsticks, lip sparkle, mascara and face items. Their items are of good quality and have lovely covering which accompanies truly sensible sticker price. The beneficial thing about this brand, it is accessible in all respects effectively in all urban areas and each one can approach their dazzling items.

Medora of London

Medora of London was established in 1961 which makes it the oldest makeup brand is known to Pakistanis. Following beauty products are offered nail colors, lipsticks, and little other face makeup but it is very popular for their lipsticks.  Medora lipsticks have a large variety of shades which comes more than 3 finishes. These lipsticks have been always in fashion for women and trend because of their lasting power and amazing pigmentation. This brand is very budget friendly and is easily available in the whole country.


It is the “First Preference” of cosmetics experts and models everywhere throughout the world. It is a worldwide brand which presents quality to you in every single of its item. The impacts of their items are reliable and satisfying that gives you a very upgrading average look. It isn’t restricted just to cosmetics items yet additionally serve individuals in regards to hair services, skincare & scents.

It is critical to pick on the Right Makeup Brand!

The cosmetics you use on your skin undeniably bring changes on it,  so it is imperative to settle on the correct choice while picking items. You have to put resources into a quality and high cosmetics brand since it’s a subject of your skin and you can’t go for broke.

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