Top 10 Trendy & Versatile Hair Styles for women in 2019!

Everyone knows the importance of hair styling when we talk about fashion for women.  Which things are most important when we talk about personality or looking completely different on your special occasion?

  • Dressing! For Sure.
  • Make Up- Obviously yes!
  • Shoes & Jewelers – Matter less!
  • Hair Styles- A Big Yessshhhh

Hair Style is a gizmo which changes your entire look. Either you wear thousands of times expensive dresses or jewelry. The thing that matters is how your hair style is. Heavy Dress heavy make up  but no hair styling make the whole look completely zero.

Here I am going to write a review on top most loved hair styles that you can adopt on your special occasions.

Front Braid with loose back hairs

The lifting of the front hairs with a braid looks beautiful. The blow of the hairs is quite cool. This hairstyle is best for wedding fashion for women functions. Either you are a bride or a guest. This is a fancy and party wear hairstyle. The back Combing is accurate and clean. The braid is clean and impactful.

2 Front Braids with Back combing

Having clean two braids on front with mid separation. Having loose thin curls on front sides with a heavy back combing. An amazing bridal look to follow. You Must do this hair style on your upcoming functions.

Light Hair Style with Heavy Jewelery

Looking Different is what everyone demands. Here this gorgeous look of Krishma Tanna will make you crazy. Short layers with blowing layers, High combing of fornt cut looks eye-catching. The light sticking of the hairs highlights the overall look.

Fluffy hair Style with loose rough Curls

Here comes another flawless hairstyle for wedding season. Where the bride look delightful with her amazing curls and falls in the hairs. The Golden black shades of the hairs entangling with the curls make the entire look defined and different. The lower in the curls highlight the entire look of this bride.

Beautiful flayers in the front-side high bun

The look is quite different and stunning. The amazing hair style of the bride is very notice able. Her Dressing jewelry is overridden by the hairstyle. The look and feel of this hair style is very emerging. One cannot resist having such an eye-catching hair style on wedding occasion.

The front lifted hoof

This hair style is quite different. Be sure that the choice of your hairstyle must be correct. If your face is small rounded then this hairstyle is perfect.  One with long face cut must not follow this high pump look. 

This hair style is unique and different but suits to some and may b not to others. The beauty of this bun is the golden color layers in the hairs which makes the bun completely defined. The neatness and correctness of this bun can be examined in the bun. The curls on the face of the bride make it very popular article.

Beads Hairstyle with front sided flayers

The hair style of this beauty queen is most prominent. The beautiful layers in the hairstyle with golden sticking in the hairs make the look complete and define. The beads engaging with hairs give it a fabulous look

Open cool hairs with a blow

Dead straight hairs are no more demanding nowadays in fashion. The fluffy hair look is quite lovable these days.  Fluffy lively hairs will definitely suits the one have long face cut. Blow with the upwards direction of the hairs is the most significant point of this hairstyle. Defined edges make this hairstyle complete.

Half straight with curly ends

A cute innocent look with emerging hair style. Base is straight while having curls – well defined, inline on front side. The golden color is beautifully entangled in curles. This look is best suited for party and other functions.

Heavy Look with Heavy Hairstyle

Another remarkable hairstyle is here in which the bride is looking completely awesome . The beautiful side hairstyle rolling up with beads in its hairs is looking deliftful. One can have a dynamic look at her wedding by adopting this hair style. The front hoof, beads, side front curls all make it a very different look.

Party Hair Style with front cut

The beautiful font cut and coloring can be observed in this hair style. The short front  cut make it look completely different and versatile. The hairs layers are defined well. This hair style is best suited for girls that are going to attend wedding or any function. Girly Look, Amazing front cut, Light Back combing Define the look very well.

Front Loose layers with Open Hairs

Another very loveable hairstyle for parties is the open hairs with layers in the front side. The beauty of this hair style is how the hairdresser plays with the hair sticking. The defined edges are also having a great impact.

Mehndi Hairstyle for brides

You must do for this hair style if you are planning to attend Mehndi occasion or you are about to have your own Mehndi festival. The hairstyle is very ideal.  You can see how the hair dressers engage the length of hairs by dropping the braid on front side. The amendment of beads in the hairs also gives a spark.

Dynamic Sparking Look

Are you going to attend a festival or party function? Then don’t miss this hairstyle fashion for women. Yes, the concept of this hairstyle is very cool. The hair color of brownish golden is adding its own beauty effect. The overall look with red lipstick and a shiny dress is just a dreamy look.

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