Quick, Easy and Different Hairstyles

Hairstyles build your personality must adopt the latest trendy and unique fashion styles for women.

Amazing Bun with Flawing Layers of hairs

The following steps will be done to have this hair style:

  • Make a one sided French from the front on both sides.
  • Make a layers of bun in such a way that layers entangled to make a smart bun.
  • Then insert a flower in the mid of the bun.

Beads in a bun

Here we give another very cool and different hairstyle. All you can see is very cleanliness and braid formation. From the front to the head center there is a  smart bun on the back which entangled all the hairs in a cool way.

Cool Long Braid

A different article that will make you think like which hairstyle is best suited for you. This is a long beautiful braid with a small braid entangling in the overall length of the hairs.

Flowered Bun

Here is another very beautiful hair style for the mature age group. You want to bring a personality in you then this hair style is perfect. You must carry a sari with this hair style so that you look completely a dominant graceful lady. The hair style is simple and stylish. First comb your hairs properly then make a pony tail of the hairs then take adjustably layers and wrap in the form of a flower while applying Gel in a small quantity.

Rose Highlighter Bun

Make a beautiful stylish Highlighted Rose bun on your head. This hairstyle can b adopted by small girls to ladies as well. Brides also prefer this type of hairstyle. The rose bun can be made by some highly expert hair dresses. The way in which the expert hairdressers adjust the flower covers while making it pop up is really a great effort. The roll down of the remaining hairs also looks cool.

 Simple Braid with pony tail

Attentive School and college going girls hair style for you! Most of the girl’s students search something different and stylish nowadays. Quick, easy and easy to adopt hair style. In this hair style all you need to tie you your hairs in such a way that it defines properly.

First make out a front upward Hoff then make a braid from the hairs of the front backcombed bun. The braid should be neat and clean. Then tie up hairs in the form of pony.

Cross over Style

This hair style is very beautiful the crossing over of layers in this hair style is  the highlighter.

The Following steps must adopt to have such a beautiful hair style.

  • First, make out a large upper backcombing bun then comb them for neatness.
  • Then fold your side partitions.
  • Folding in such a way that when you fold it pick up of the layer from the hairs and wrap into it.
  • Then secondly you repeat this action for the second side as well.
  • When both hairs reached on the midsection, engage the mid hairs in such a way that they wrapped up in a bun shaped in a picture.

These hair styles are simple and creative. If you are looking for some unique hairstyle then you can learn more articles on latest hairstyles for girls.

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