Latest Hair styles for girls!

Confusion! Confusion! Confusion! About what to wear! What to hairstyle and how to carry will surely help you to solve your fashion-related problems? Here we have some latest and trendy hairstyles for you.

Open Light curly hairs with a forehead band

Open hairs are usually difficult to hold. So to style them is necessary. The following hair style can be adopted in few minutes.

  • Open your hairs and apply serum on it.
  • Take a roller bar and roll your hairs in small parts.
  • Then make them a little bit fluffy them with hands
  • Fasten a thin band on your hairs.
  • This is an amazing hair style for you. If you are searching for some trendy hair styles this year.

Short length hairs with front baby cut

  • Baby cut have its own demand. It is an ever green hair style.
  • For simple and stylish hair style, you must go for a fresh hair cut.
  • Front baby cut. With the hairs up to the ears.
  • If you want to look different and dominant then must undergo for this hairstyle.

Long Open Hairs with loose curls

Dead straight hairs sometimes create problem for others to how to hairstyle. Here is another more popular and stylish hair style. This is quite easy to adopt. For this all you need is to first wash your hairs properly and let them dry. After that apply serum on it then wind the hairs in four parts. Then take one part and take one by one small hairs and then curl them while apply gel.

Check the type of hairs you are having first. If your hairs are dead silky straight then first you should apply a gel. But if the texture of your hairs is rough then you can hair do without gel as well.

Crimp you hair

For this hair you need a single accessory known as “Hair crimper”.  Just Like straighter apply crimper on your hairs. Take small parts of your hairs and press into the crimper until the proper crimps appear. Then let them open and pick to hair pins and make your hair style. Just like shown Fashion for girls in the image.

Shady hairs with loose curls

It’s a time to dye your hairs. Hair is your own property. You should play with it differently. You should try to adopt different looks by utilizing your hairs. Here it is another very stylish hair dye. Color variations can be sensed very clearly. The beautiful pattern of dark color of base and then falls to light color in the end looks completely unique and different. Either you curl or straight the color of hairs gives its self a style to you.

Long hairs style with a front cut

You can make a smart hair style with your long hairs and front baby cut. All you need is to make a braid entangling the length of your hairs. Then wind the hairs on your skull in such a way that over all looks get defined and smart. This look is cute for small face girls. You can wear a long maxi or frock with it. Either a short shirt or trouser also looks perfect on it.

Two buns with mid separation and half open hairs

This hair style is very stylish and different. Yes, you would probably love this look. Very easy and adoptable look. All you need is to make two small buns on your head with a mid separation. Open your half hairs. You can make this style in parties or either in any day time function.

Single braid with loose curly open hairs

Here we give another hit article. Girls would love to adopt this hair style.  A well defined braid starting from the mid side corner then rounding on the back combing.  Along with layers cut curls up to the half of the back.  This hair style is perfect if you are planning to attend a wedding function wearing some fancy dress.

Bluish End on long hairs

If you have long hairs then you should go for some colors end. Pink blue and reddish ends demanding nowadays.

Flowerily Bun with half Open Hairs

This hairstyle is very unique. You can completely feel that this hairstyle have its own charm. If you observed the beautiful flowered are formed by rounded the hair length. Then he further uses the strength of hairs. The open hairs are having a very effective style entangling the flowers in the steps and a little bit curls of hairs look very stylish.

Reddish Short Hair with side fall

If you are planning to adopt something different and cool then this hair style is definitely going to show you amazing colors of your personality. This is style, uniqueness and fashion.

Cool Short Cut

This hair cut is really very cool. Simple cut utilizing your face as well

Braid with open hairs

This hair style is very cool. A beautiful braid in the center of head is very remarkable.  First it twisted the hairs then ties them with a pony then make it a braid. The braid should be well defined because the beauty of this hairstyle lies in the cleanliness of the braid.

Back braid with a side pony tail

A bird from the bottom of the neck with the side pony tail is very innovative and stylish design. This design is recommended for school going Fashion for girls to party or wedding dress up.

Front Braid with side pony tail

This hair style is quite easy to adopt. You would surely love this hair style. The front braid is very well defined. Then the side pony tail with the curls look very attractive.

Bow Style Braid

A Big Bow on the center of the head with a kajoori braid is very cool effect of this hair style.

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