Follow your favourite Stylish Diva- Hina Khan

Hina Khan is one of the most popular fashion for girls icon. If we talk about someone stylish and fashioner then the name of Hina Khan must be in the top of the list.

Hina Khan has won the award of style diva in “Golds Awards”. She attends this award ceremony in a very beautiful dress with a stylish and unique look. In spite of this, she has already won the award of “BEST ACTRESS POPULAR FEMALE” in Indian Television Academy Awards. She has been titled with “Best Fresh New Face” in Indian Telly Awards.  She was awarded ”Best Entertaining Performance” at Dadesaheb Phalke Film Festival Awards for BIG BOSS 11.

She is a top Indian actress currently working in Kasautii zindigi kay- as Komolika. Previously, she has been participated as Akshara Singhania “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai” from 2009 to 2016.

Moreover, she participated in BIGBOSS 11 and FEAR FACTOR 8.

Going through the biography of Hina Khan we can say that she is a star that is known and loved by everyone. Our youth is a fashion lover so lets us show some different and stylish looks of Hina khan that you can follow and become stylish icon.

Back Braid with a high bun

This hair style is quite easy. All you need is to make a French braid from the neck bottom of your neck and then tie it  with a loose bun on the top of your head. The braid must be clean and neat as it defines your hair style.

Right side braid with one side open hairs

This hair style is quick and easy. You need to adopt the following steps.

  1. You must choose a comb with a thin back pointer to separate lines perfectly.
  2. Then make two thin separation. Take one small portion apply gel and make it round and pin it. Do again with the second one.
  3. Take remaining hairs and make them loose curles with iron.

Front folding with loose back hairs

A very unique and stylish look can be attain by adopting this hair style. Make three portion of the front part. Apply gel and makes three thin rounded hair layers. Then pin them together. Pin two sides of your remaining hairs. And let the other hairs open. Perfect look for the party occasion.

Side heavy braid with loose side hairs

This is an amazing hairstyle if you are going to ready for a party. This very easy & stylish hairstyle of Hina Khan. All hairs are dropped on right side and make their thick heavy braids multiple times.  In no time you can get this look. All you need is to give sticking to your  hairs which will bring the highlights in your hairs.

Front hair cut on the face and back smart bun

If your face is oblongata then this hair style will definitely suits you. The front hair cut will define your face size quite small. The back bun looks smart with heavy makeup and jewelry.

Mid Separation with folding layers

You can do this hairstyle by adopting the following points.

  1. Straight your hairs first.
  2. Then make a half separation from mid front.
  3. Make folding layers three to four on both sides and pin them together.
  4. Make a smart bun behind from these layers.
  5. Open remaining hairstyle brings them in both front sides.

Rolling rolls with a Khajori Braid

This hairstyle is very popular for brides. The beauty of this hairstyle lies in the rolling rolls of hairs on the skull. If you focus on the hairstyle look, the hairdresser uses the hair roller to make dynamic curls engaging the overall base hairs then pinned them and utilize the length of the hairs by making its khajori braid.

Overall curly curls

The curls of this hairstyle is quite healthy. The thick entangling curls all over the length of the hairs looks amazing. You can do this hairstyle on parties or wedding event.

Half French with pony tail

This hair style is best for school going to party going females. The look is very simple and popular. The French from the starting of the head and then hald pony tail define this hair style in a well way.

Smart Bun

If you are planning to go for  some daytime hang out with friends then a smart defined bun will look very remarkable.

Simple open hairs with mid partition

Open your hairs with style this is the basic phenomena of the hairstyles nowadays. Here we give another very uncomplicated hair style. Just open your hairs and give the,color dye of red color then make them pin on a side. If you have no time and you have to rush for a function then this will look amazing.

Looking stylish is not very difficult all you need is a perfect dressing sense with cool hairstyle and a personality to carry yourself in a perfect way. Beautiful colors of dresses with immense make up and highlighting hair styles all combines and contribute to define your personality.

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