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Once fashion was all about women but in 20th century Men are not left behind. They are more demanding in term of fashion. On women we can create each fashion look, because women are meant for beauty and fashion. When we talk about Men, there should be something more near to decency plus engage the men look in such a way that the men power should be prominent.  A look like a strong Men within the covers of fashioner outfits  is the key aim of the Fashion for men.

Wedding is an occasion, where girls and boys both are excited. Boys want to wear something stylish and decent. Boys want to get their look quite different from the others.  Here we write reviews on the best fashion designs by Nomi Ansari  Collection. One can choose its dream dress from the following amazing designs.

Black Shaerwani with Red Dupatta

Men wear shairwani on the wedding ocassaion. Black shairwani with golden contrast look amazing. The most demanding article on wedding is black color. As male look quite decent in black.  The highlighter of the dress is the red Shawl on the arms.

Red Shawl with peachy green border is looking stylish. The sherwani neckline work and the embroidery engraving on the front along with arms, have a light with some contrasting heavy look. Have a look on shoe! The cool stylish look appears in a glance. Golden black shoe is another hit of this article.

One must adopt this fashion for men, creativity by Nomi Anasri. You can design it with variations as well.

Heavy embroidery with lush lashing Shawl

The most eye catching point of this dress is the shawl. The print on the shawl with embedded dark colors highlights the sherwani. The embroidery on the front of sherwani is very defined. Black base with highlighting colors having a great impact. The baggy shalwar  with kussa style shoe make it look great. The pink embroidery with blended yellow shades work defined the groom look.

Exclusive creative Grayish Style

The silver grayish inner shirt with sherwani and turban on this head is a complete stunning look. The designing on the sherwani is bubble like contrasting white and gray color. Pattern styles on the turban is checked wise scattered on the overall  shoulder hang,. The pattern on the inner  shirt is adding a dynamic effect on the overall look.

White Flowered Sherwani on black base

  • Black-white-gray mixing of colors and pattern
  • Pattern of flowers scattered on the sherwani
  • Inner kurta is designed with lining pattern
  • The botch on the front is golden-red-black highlighter
  • The black tight trouser with curving at the end
  • Open free style shoe
  • Grace with Well defined body in this dress

Sky Blue Sherwani

The coolest look that can ever suggest is this amazing sherwani. Light tones of Off-white, light green and white engrave the overall look of the dress. The different coolest and stylish look make it a top in the list of wedding fashion for men. White shoe with beautiful embroidery is fashion sign.

Mehndi Look for Groom

Another hit article by Nomi Ansari is this mehndi glance. In Asian Countries mehndi is an occasion where people make the bride and groom feel happy by adopting the tradition of applying mehndi on the hands of bride. For this festival  the yellow kurta and white trouser looks great . Golden Kusa in feets is  adding its charm.

The waistcut is  having a pattern that is  beautiful and unusal.  The shawal on the arms of the groom is a fashion symbol. Yellow shades with integration of blue  border makes its appearance great.

Groom with decent shawl

The velvet sherwani with a large pattern pressed on it looks creative.  The shawls is different and look amazing with the off-white shades of the sherwani.

Multi Color Turbon with Sherwani

The multi-color touch of the turban highlights the overall look of the groom. He wears something really worth.  The sherwani is white with golden work on it. The shoe is simple and quite adjusted with the look.

Pink & White  Turbon  with Sherwani

 The Pink Turbon is the most eye catching symbol of fashion. The golden work on the collar line and button in the front , Off white sherwani with white Pajama and simple black shoe is an all in one fashion.

Golden black Shirt with yellow highlighter

The lining on the sherwani with alterative golden black and yellow filler makes this style very famous among youngsters. The inner Kurta having an remarkable pattern is looking incredible. Red Shoe with White Pajama defines the complete look. The buttons on the front of the sherwani is giving a handsome glance. 

Gray pattern shirt with embroidery on wait cut

Diverse embroidery on the waitcut with inner kurta of gray color is creating an impact. The shawl style is also unique as the patterns on shawl is also very impressive.

Silver-Golden touch printed Sherwani

Looking cool is a key factor in terms of fashion. Wedding is an occasion where people love to look fresh and breezy. The botch on the arms and front of the shirt is  a absolute style sense.

Silverish Pistashio Waistcut with embroidery

The silver kurta with a Wait cut on it. The color contrast of the waist cut is stunning. One can sense a clear fashion sense in this designing.

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